What to Do If You Are Exposed to Violence on the Streets?

Immediately run away, feeling that the fight is inevitable

If you are not a street fighter in search of adventure, then, immediately run away from your “new acquaintances”. It is not necessary to take part in such quarrels. The main thing is to take a sharp start – and be able to keep pace. The prize is excellent – life and health.

Tactics: avoid the surrounding

Usually, the muggers are so brave that they only start abusing a man with a crowd immediately trying to surround him. If your surname is not Lee and it’s not a Hong Kong action movie, do not try to fight with them, the only means is to break out of the circle and run as far as possible.protect yourself

Do not try to fight

If you try to fight, you will be “stuck” – they will grab you by the arms, by the legs, by the clothes and begin to quietly blow you.

Don’t fight

If you still can’t avoid a fight, consider the following – a person is already very unstable. Like a bicycle, there are also only two supports. When kicked, there is only one support left. The mugger can gently push you and you fail.

Sweeping blows

If there are several opponents make sweeping blows in all directions. In this way, you will not give up and grab yourself causing harm to them and block at least part of their blows to your head.

Do not let yourself be seized

As mentioned above, if you are caught, you are a convenient target. Get rid the grips from your clothes, beat them so that the enemies have no idea what to do.

Use gadgets

Should there be any real benefits from a laptop in life? Beat the enemy with a heavy device on the head. You can also protect yourself with a laptop from a knife, a bottle and so on. More gadgets can be used to distract the attention of the enemy. Ask to see a brilliant iPhone? Throw it to the side and, while everyone is involuntarily looking there, abruptly run away.

Protect yourself with a jacket

If time allows, put off the jacket and place it on the left hand – this is good protection against the knife. Another application: if you have heavy objects in your pockets, you can beat the opponent with it.

Always keep a small hatchet in the car

It will be useful – chop firewood, for example. Or to cool the desire of your opponent, who decided to discuss the traffic rules with you in a somewhat unexpected style. Seeing the weapon in your hand, he immediately slow down.

Always keep the distance

This advice is not only suitable for car drivers: do not let strangers get too close. If you fit – walk away, keep a distance. Do not walk near the roadside bushes, do not wrap the corner – it is better to move and walk around at a decent distance.

Control the situation

The combination of a hood and headphones is guaranteed to help you become a victim of an attack – if not in a dark alley, then in a dark staircase for sure. Eyes are given to us not only in order to visit Facebook.

Do not enter the lobby with strangers

How many times people have repeated – do not enter the lobby with strangers. Especially when they “graze” near the entrance and for some reason, they want to enter just for you. Maybe this is a peaceful drug dealer came to the client or someone else with a bad reputation.

Take it from there

Remember that every fight and the situation, in general, is unique, and it is up to you to decide how best to act. There are no recommendations universal for all. If you feel an overwhelming desire to fight – do it. Each of us has a “survival system” by nature. It is created for extreme situations and is automatically included in. Listen to and believe yourself.

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