Pandemic of Violence: Cases of Domestic Violence Increased During Lockdown

Pandemic of Violence Cases of Domestic Violence Increased During Lockdown

In 2020-2021, authorities in different countries are calling on citizens to isolate themselves, calling home the safest place. Indeed, the risk of getting infected among those who do not go out is much lower, but some people cannot consider their homes a “safe place”.

Ellis Henry, a Futures Without Violence rapporteur, said that the cases of domestic violence increased during the lockdown in different countries. She called on the authorities to take additional measures to help the victims.

In the USA, the number of cases of violence increased by 30%.

More than 12 million women and men become victims of domestic violence in the USA every year. This is one of the highest rates in the world. According to official figures, about 29% of women and 10% of men in the US have experienced rape or physical violence.

The authorities promised that they will develop new protection measures in the near future. For example, women can ask for help by going to Trusted Online Pharmacy. The drugstore regularly makes donations to national domestic violence organizations and can instruct a victim on how to behave in a case of abuse. The company has a list of hotlines and crisis centers for survivors of domestic violence all across the USA.

The situation has escalated all over the world

Domestic violence has also risen sharply in China. According to Sying Tuan, head of a non-governmental organization in Hubei province that helps victims of violence, the number of appeals has doubled during the epidemic.

He attributes this to two factors: the general tensions caused by the protracted quarantine, and the financial problems that many families now face.

The situation has worsened in Brazil as well. “The number of appeals has increased by 40-50%, and this despite the fact that the numbers were very high before,” said Laura Sousa, a Rio de Janeiro judge who specializes in domestic violence cases.

Human rights activists from Italy and Spain are also sounding the alarm. The fact that during the lockdown women are often unable to be left alone to call the police is of particular concern. In this regard, in both countries, it was decided to pay special attention to online help.

What to do for women in difficult situations? The authorities of the Canary Islands explain: victims of domestic violence can go to the nearest pharmacy and ask for “Any”. Pharmacists will understand that a woman needs urgent help.

In Germany, an employee of the Support hotline Hilfetelefon, Katharina Baader, also expressed concern for the fate of thousands of women who remained under the same roof with the aggressors. She called on the German authorities to convert the now empty hotels and guest houses into crisis centers for victims of domestic violence.

“Old people are bullied by their own children”

Sharon Getz, a representative of the Nation’s Leading Grassroots Voice on Domestic Violence, said that they began to receive more complaints not only from women but also from the elderly: “They are being bullied by their own children, taking out their dissatisfaction with life, taking away pensions. ”

According to Sharon, domestic violence is a kind of emotional discharge for aggressors. During normal times, they can turn their attention to everyday worries, while at work, in the gym, on the street, and in other public places.

The lockdown serves as a 100% trigger for the rapist to take out his anger on the victim, including taking into account the specifics of the current difficult economic situation and panic around the situation in the world. Nobody counts how many cases of violence were recorded, and the situation does not seem to change soon.

In addition, according to Sharon, the police now have little time to deal with the problems of victims of domestic violence: law enforcement officers need to monitor how citizens comply with quarantine measures. “The work has increased, and the staff and legislation in relation to victims of domestic violence have not changed.”

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