Types of Dating Violence

Types of Dating Violence

Sexual abuse counselors, as well as those women who themselves experienced rape, strongly recommend you – run away without thinking, do not speak, do not communicate and in no case be left alone with men who:

  • expose you to emotional abuse. Emotional abuse includes insults; scornful comments; trying to make you look stupid; degrading nicknames for you; ignoring your opinion; angry or demonstrative silence every time you yourself initiate or suggest something.
  • they try to dictate and read notations about with who you should be friends, how you should dress up or otherwise try to control you or your relationships. For example, a man insists that he should choose which film to watch, which restaurant you should have dinner, and so on.
  • negative and contemptuous talk about women in general. For example, a man is a big fan of laughing at female drivers, likes to complain about “female logic”, “female hysteria” and so on.
  • very jealous, even if there is no reason for it.
  • abuse of alcohol or drugs.
  • actively offer you to try drugs or try to make you drunk, persistently treat you with alcoholic beverages. Remember, most rapists choose women who are intoxicated or try to give a drink to a woman.
  • they blow and show aggression if you do not want to drink, take drugs, have sex or refuse to go with a man to an isolated place or go to his house.
  • do not allow you to pay for yourself and are angry if you propose to share expenses.
  • they show any physical aggression towards other people, even if they “just” pushed deliberately.
  • have your personal space. For example, they sit too close, block your passage with their bodies, talk too much, trying to be smarter than they actually are, touch you, even if you asked not to.
  • they cannot calmly respond to emotional or sexual disappointment, they become angry in such situations.
  • they look down on you because you are younger, or because they consider themselves smarter or more socially successful than you.

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