Pandemic of Violence: Cases of Domestic Violence Increased During Lockdown

In 2020-2021, authorities in different countries are calling on citizens to isolate themselves, calling home the safest place. Indeed, the risk of getting infected among those who do not go out is much lower, but some people cannot consider their homes a “safe place”. Ellis Henry, a Futures Without Violence rapporteur, said that the cases of domestic violence increased during the lockdown in different countries. She called on the authorities to take additional measures to help the victims. In the USA, the number of cases of violence increased by 30%.

What to Do If You Are Exposed to Violence on the Streets?

Immediately run away, feeling that the fight is inevitable If you are not a street fighter in search of adventure, then, immediately run away from your “new acquaintances”. It is not necessary to take part in such quarrels. The main thing is to take a sharp start – and be able to keep pace. The prize is excellent – life and health. Tactics: avoid the surrounding Usually, the muggers are so brave that they only start abusing a man with a crowd immediately trying to surround him. If your surname is not Lee and it’s not a Hong Kong action movie, do not try to fight with them, the only means is to break out of the circle and run…

What is Cruelty or Violence?

Cruelty is moral or physical pain-infliction. How does it manifest itself: verbal aggression – the spreading of gossip and rumors, evil jokes and swearing, humiliation, insults; causing physical harm to human health, violence; killing people, animals, plants; destruction of monuments, objects of cultural heritage, houses (vandalism); anger, intolerance, irritation, hatred towards others; the deliberate collapse of material objects; deliberate failure to provide assistance and support in order to harm even more. Sometimes such a person gets pleasure from his actions – it becomes good for him to break something, beat or humiliate someone. This phenomenon is called sadism, its causes lie deep in the psyche.

Dating Violence

Dating violence includes all kind of physical, psychological or sexual abuse between intimate relationships partners who do not live together but only meet each other from time to time. The following behaviors as bullying, mockery or humiliating comments, threats, isolation from other people, negligence, harassment, public insults, ignoring are related to violence. He/she is handsome, intelligent, witty, and most importantly – he wants only you and your attention! He claims that he loved you at first sight and will never leave you. He is madly in love with you. Of course, you notice that every second he wants to know where you are, with whom, and what you are wearing, but you think that he cares about you and that…

Abuse Warning Signs and 12 Questions about Dating Volence

The main signs of sexual abuse during dating: he jealous and possessive, does not allow you to have friends, control you, will not accept a break in relations. he tries to control you, behaving like a master, giving orders, making all decisions, not taking your opinion into account. he scares you. You always think about how he will react to what you say or do. Threatens you, uses a handgun or has a handgun. he is cruel: he used to be involved in fights, easily loses control, boasts that he treats others badly. he inclines you to sexual relations, imposes sex, threatens. Considers you are his sexual object. Tries to manipulate you, accuses you, saying: “If you really loved me,…

Talking to Teens About Dating Violence or Sexual Abuse

It is necessary to talk to your child and explain to him how to behave in this or that situation. We collect some information about how a teen should behave in situations of dating violence or sexual abuse. To avoid sexual violence from strangers on the street (or at home), you can: say “NO” if someone wants to touch you, and report this to an adult you trust. No one has the right to touch you without your prior consent. choose the most lighted paths to the house returning home after school at night even if it takes much time to reach your home. not get into the elevator with strangers, even if they offer to go together and start…

Types of Dating Violence

Sexual abuse counselors, as well as those women who themselves experienced rape, strongly recommend you – run away without thinking, do not speak, do not communicate and in no case be left alone with men who:

How to Prevent Dating Violence?

Women are not guilty of rape, and a woman doesn’t provoke a man to rape. He makes up his mind to commit a violent crime, and only he is responsible for it. However, there are several techniques that reduce the risk of rape. Sexual abuse counselors and experts give the following recommendations to women:

What is Emotional Violence?

Emotional violence in families is a fairly common phenomenon. Emotional (psychological) violence is a form of influence on the partner’s emotions or psyche through intimidation, threats, insults, criticism, condemnation, and similar actions. According to most scientists, such actions should be regular. Many women identify this effect as the most painful side of relationships in a family or just with a partner, which creates a feeling of helplessness and depression. Causes of emotional violence Any actions have their reasons, as well as their consequences. Sometimes one of the factors listed below may act as a trigger, but their effect is most often observed in combination, which provokes the development of events according to a certain pattern. Most of the reasons have…

Some Facts about US Racial Segregation

Racial segregation in the United States officially existed since 1865, since the adoption of the thirteenth amendment to the Constitution prohibiting slavery. Examples of racism are such glaring facts as segregation in public transport and schools. According to the laws of the city of Montgomery (Alabama), the first seats in the bus were intended for white passengers, and if they were all busy, then African Americans were obliged to leave their “black” seats. Such a policy resulted in the “The Montgomery bus boycott”, which lasted 381 days. During this time, African Americans, who made up 70% of all passengers, did not use public transport. Bus companies suffered significant losses. On December 20, 1956, segregation in public transport was abolished. Segregation…